Winter School 2018

The Winter School - 2018, “Digital Transformation in the Oil & Gas Industry”, is aimed at introducing tomorrow's Oil & Gas Engineers to the role of Digital Technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things in transforming Oil & Gas Industry. With a majority of current work force retiring in the coming decade and newer job roles emerging in market, young engineers need to be as focused & knowledgeable on digitization as they are on the conventional basics of the discipline.

Science & Technical Committee at RGIPT proudly invites you to come join, participate, and learn. Winter School - 2018 will host an Industry-Institute Conclave with presence of policy makers, industry leaders, technologists, and experienced engineers to discuss, deliberate, and motivate young minds on the earnest need of going digital. The conclave will mainly follow two parallel tracks of intensive hands-on training program on Data Science & Internet of Things. The school will also provide students a platform to showcase their passion for Digital in form of Project Exhibition and Poster Presentation.

Winter School 2018 by the Numbers

2 Days | 5+ Events | 10+ Talks | 16+ Hrs of Schooling

Organized By

RGIPT | Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology

Jais, Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, India


20-21 january







Institute-Industry Conclave

Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas Industry


The Winter School - 2018 would embark with a panel of policy makers, industry leaders, technologist, and experienced engineers discussing Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas Industry with young minds and tomorrow’s leaders. With ardent need for Oil & Gas Industry to adopt Digital Technologies and to train the upcoming workforce, this session will be crucial step in bridging the ever standing gap between industry and academia.

The keynote speakers will emphasis on the role of Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, and Internet of Things in making the industry sustain in these tough times. Students will get a chance to interact with the people who can make a change and give their inputs and suggestions meanwhile learning about digital revolution that is on the way for Oil & Gas Industry.

School on Data Science in Oil & Gas

Data is the new Oil


The unique scenario prevalent in the first decade of the 21st century caused the hydrocarbon industry to not devote as many resources and attention to transition to the digital age. The unexpected shale boom caused the industry miss-out on the data revolution.

As per the various stalwarts of the world economy, Data has replaced oil as the most valuable commodity. It has the potential to provide for a seamless interaction between the various stakeholders in this quest for energy. Using Data Science our key decision makers can view the entire spectrum of hydrocarbon value chain to make better informed data- driven decisions. The immense opportunities that data science holds for improving well productivity, field profitability and ultimately improving the supply of energy is truly gargantuan. Especially in this era of rapid and sustained decline in the price of crude, there is a significant need to optimize every process to extract extra units of fuel. Winter School will have a track on Data Science hosted by professional trainers to gear-up young engineers to tap the potential of Data.

Students will learn about complete Python Data Science Stack, Exploratory Analysis, Visualizations, and Building Predictive Models. This will be supplemented by a live project completion with Industrial experts.

School on IoT in Oil & Gas

Internet of Things is Reality


IoT is the practice of capturing, analyzing, and acting on data generated by networked objects and machines. The Internet, which was introduced to connect people, is now connecting objects to people and is constantly collecting, analyzing, and communicating data. It is becoming a sort of sixth sense for humans. The key drivers in adaptation of IoT are sensors, networks, storage, and big data analytics.

Applications of IoT in the oil and gas sector are endless. IoT could be used to help reduce NPT events by using real-time data to predict breakdowns and schedule preventative maintenance. Huge amounts of reservoir data can be integrated with real-time field data to plan well placement and flow rates. Accidents can be prevented and processes can be optimized.

The midstream industry utilizes the power of IoT for, connecting pipeline networks, sensors, leak detection, alarms, and emergency shutdowns to interact seamlessly and to be available for analysis and interpretation in real time would significantly reduce some of the major risks that this sector of the industry deals with. In the downstream industry with the use of IoT, refineries can plan their shutdowns, minimize their downtime, and improve safety records.

Winter School will have a track on Internet of Things for Oil & Gas hosted by professional trainers. As an outcome of this session, students would be able to quickly prototype their IoT based solutions for the problems of Oil & Gas Industry. Students will learn to program hardware, working with sensors, and building full-fledged robust IoT systems.

Project Exhibition

As an engineer our fundamental task is to build stuff, find creative solutions to challenging problems, and do what man once thought to be impossible. If you have been working on a Project that can digitize Oil & Gas Industry, reduce Non Productive Time, increase Profits, and streamline the value chain, then Winter School – 2018 invites you to exhibit your project to industrial leaders, policy makers, technologists, experienced engineers, and academia. Remember what Steve Jobs said, those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Poster Presentation

Winter School – 2018 would provide the participating students a platform to showcase their work in field of Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas Industry in form of a Poster Presentation. Students can present their ideas, research work or review work with an academic or industrial focus on theme. The primary motive of this competition is to enhance the ability to deliver a visual presentation.

Event Schedule
20th January

Institute-Industry Conclave

Vivekananda Sabhagar

20th January - 21st January

School on Data Science

Vivekananda Sabhagar

20th January - 21st January

School on Internet of Things

Academic Block - 1

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Digital transformation is not a nice-to-have for oil and gas companies today. It is a business imperative. Internet of Things is a reality and Data is the new Oil. Upcoming Oil & Gas engineers need to be as focused on Digital as they are on the conventional basics of the discipline. So if you’d like to learn the digital technologies that are changing the course of Oil & Gas Industry then welcome to the RGIPT’s Winter School on Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas Industry.

Oil & Gas Industry is highly interdisciplinary in nature. Engineers from a vast gamut put all their acumen to bring oil from the subsurface to your cars. This school would be most beneficial for the upcoming Petroleum, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer, IT, Mechanical, Civil, Instrumentation, Materials, Geotechnical Engineers. Or to rephrase, pretty much every engineer who is fascinated to work in Oil & Gas Industry.

You can register for the Winter School from our website.Make the payments and fill the Google Form.Remember seats are limited and we’ll admit on first come first serve basis. Hurry up.

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Our learning is not just a function of the time spent. Our expert teachers have successfully compressed the coursework into a 2 day module. Their methods have been tried and tested. Ofcourse you wont graduate a data science, fit for a Google job. But it will provide you with the momentum you need to explore the world of Data Science & IoT independently. As college students we all have (or will) resort to cramming atleast once during our college life. And to make sure the learning lasts, we need practice. Keeping this in mind, our Winter School workshops are accompanied by Project exhibitions in the evenings. Real time exposure to the concepts you just learned will cement them into your brain. Most importantly, you'll be having fun while doing something extremely beneficial to your professional career. Whether it fascinates you (You betcha) or not.

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